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We are a group of shoe lovers who have turned our passion into an online store for all things shoes. Our goal at eLoveshoes.com is simple: to assist our readers in finding the perfect pair of shoes with comfort and trust. We recognize that everyone has different shoe demands and preferences, and we are here to make the search for reliable shoes on the base of our visitors and customers’ reviews.

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eLoveshoes.com, founded in 2023, is the result of countless hours spent researching, analyzing, and comparing various shoe brands, types, and models for men and ladies. Our team of footwear industry professionals, fashion aficionados, and tech-savvy writers work hard to provide the most relevant, modern, and up-to-date shoe reviews and shopping tips possible.

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Most Selling Shoes Brands in the USA

Note that the following table includes some of the top-selling shoe brands in the USA. The popularity and sales of brands can vary over time.

Most Selling Shoes Brands in the USA
RankBrandKey Product Categories
1NikeAthletic footwear, Sneakers, Running Shoes
2AdidasAthletic footwear, Sneakers, Running Shoes
3Under ArmourAthletic footwear, Running Shoes, Hiking Boots
4New BalanceAthletic footwear, Running Shoes, Walking Shoes
5SkechersCasual footwear, Walking Shoes, Work Shoes
6BrooksRunning Shoes
7ASICSRunning Shoes, Athletic Footwear
8ConverseSneakers, Casual Footwear
9VansSneakers, Skateboarding Shoes
10TimberlandBoots, Casual Footwear
11PumaAthletic footwear, Sneakers, Running Shoes
12ReebokAthletic footwear, Running Shoes
13BirkenstockSandals, Casual Footwear
14CrocsCasual Footwear, Sandals
15ClarksDress Shoes, Casual Footwear, Boots

These brands are highly regarded for their quality, durability, and style. However, it’s always important to read recent reviews and understand your specific needs before making a purchase.

Thank you for trusting us in your shoe discovery journey, and we look forward to being your go-to resource for all things footwear!

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