Vans Old Skool Bolt Review: ComfyCush Comfort Meets Classic Style

Welcome to our latest sneaker Vans Old Skool Bolt Review: ComfyCush Comfort Meets Classic Style review! Today, we’re investigating the Vans Old Skool Bolt, a refreshed version of a classic that promises both style and enhanced comfort. As a longtime fan of Vans, which has been a brand in the sneaker world since 1966, I’m excited to share my insights on this new Vans Old Skool bolt review.

I’m reviewing the newest Vans Comfycush Old Skool today! Vans have begun adding ComfyCush foam to their latest models for an additional $10 price. Compared to regular Vans, the ComfyCush model is intended to be softer and provide greater arch support. For this article , I’m wearing the Vans Old Skool that I picked up. Are ComfyCush Vans shoes superior to standard Vans? Read the complete post to learn more!

Here’s a product page table based on the details VANS provided:

Product InformationDetails
Product NameVans Old Skool bolt trainers in white and black
Current Price$45.00
Original Price$75.00
Discount40% off
Rating4.5 out of 5
Reviews4 reviews
Promotional Offer25% OFF SHOES & SNEAKS! with code: CREP25
SizeAvailable options to be selected by customer
DeliveryFree Delivery
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Product CategoryShoes, Boots & Trainers
StyleNew-season MVPs, Low-profile design
FeaturesLace-up fastening, Padded cuff, Signature Vans branding, Old Skool stripe to sides, ‘Off The Wall’ heel tab, Reinforced toe caps, Durable rubber outsole, High-gloss taping, Signature waffle tread
Product Code127183542

Old Skool ComfyCush Classic Tumble Shoe

Vans has brought back the legendary Old Skool style with the release of ComfyCush technology, a new softer, more cushioned outsole that gives the ComfyCush Old Skool a better fit and a cloud-like sensation. For the perfect mix of comfort and traction, the Classic Tumble ComfyCush Old Skool is co-molded from foam and rubber. It also has one-piece interiors with more arch support, rubber outsoles for traction and durability, and moisture-wicking lining materials across the whole interior.

The Classic Tumble ComfyCush Old Skool pays homage to the Vans athletic styles of the early 1990s with its freshly manufactured textile uppers that prioritize tongue stabilization. Comfort is an essential component of this experience.


Background and Brand Legacy

I started wearing Vans at their Columbia Mall location in Maryland. The brand has always had a particular place in my heart and has demonstrated remarkable longevity and popularity. Vans trainers are popular because they are reasonably priced, usually costing about $40. However, with the release of the ComfyCush range, Vans has changed its fundamental shoe lineup, something that wasn’t done very often until lately.

The Vans Old Skool Bolt Innovation

Vans recently introduced their ComfyCush range, which is similar to Converse’s Chuck-2s with Lunarlon and Mid-SOL. Vans’ classic lifestyle trainers, such as the Old Skool, Authentic, and Eras, are included in this collection and are all enhanced by the plush foam midsole. I was excited to test out this new midsole because it provides a big improvement in comfort.

Design and Features

Here is an image of the Vans Old Skool Bolt sneakers, showcasing their unique design with thunderbolt detailing and vibrant color options.

The Old Skool ComfyCush retains its iconic design, featuring a black suede toe cap and suede panels around the eyelets, complemented by flat white laces. A notable addition is the black canvas tongue with added padding and teal elastic bands, designed for ease of slipping on. While this makes it more of a slip-on sneaker, I found it slightly cumbersome and unnecessary.

Comfort and Performance

The interior boasts a well-padded sock liner, enhancing ankle comfort. The insole, attached to the comfy cush midsole, has perforations presumably for breathability, though this didn’t make a notable difference in my experience. The added arch support is a welcome feature, especially considering my past experience with the discomfort of long shifts in traditional Vans. The comfy cush foam itself offers improved comfort over standard Vans, making it one of the more comfortable options in its price range.

Fit and Sizing

I found the ComfyCush Old Skool to fit true to size. However, as always, I recommend trying them on before purchasing to ensure the best fit for your feet.

Aesthetics and Variants

The sneaker maintains its classic aesthetic with the white leather Vans logo on a black canvas midfoot panel and a suede panel on the heel. The gum outsole is a new feature, offering a glimpse of the white, comfy cush foam. While the ComfyCush line offers fewer color options compared to the standard line, the available choices like black, white, blue, and red should satisfy most preferences.

Price and Value

Priced at $70, the ComfyCush Old Skool is only $10 more than the standard version, a reasonable increase for the added comfort and features. However, if ultimate comfort is your priority, exploring sale options at stores like Foot Locker might lead you to better deals.


In summary, the Vans ComfyCush Old Skool and its counterparts in the ComfyCush line are solid choices for those seeking a blend of classic style and enhanced comfort. The upgrades, including arch support and a more comfortable midsole, justify the slight price increase. While there are limitations in color choices, the ComfyCush line remains a compelling option for Vans enthusiasts and casual sneaker wearers alike.

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